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Dog Grooming

At Pawfection, all breeds and cross-breeds of dog are cared and catered for. You can choose a traditional or bespoke hair style. Our expert team will advise you on which style will suit your dog best. For a free consultation, you can visit our grooming parlour in Neston and no appointment is necessary.

•  Nail Clipping

•  Bathing

•  Ear Cleaning

•  Handstripping

•  Deshedding

•  Blow-Drying

Our Dog Grooming Service Includes:

A personalised & professional pet grooming service. Contact Pawfection.

Barbara and Paul will look after your pet and pamper them every time. For further information, please contact Pawfection.

We take both our dogs to Pawfection . . . They enter as mutts but come out looking like a million $ pedigree . . . The dogs run in and love being made a fuss of. Thanks Barbara, Paul and the staff at Pawfection.


Ear Cleaning

Nail Clipping